For dealing with the rigors of life, the mind of meditation is a wonderful ally.
Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche


The Shambhala Network is a new website that connects the Shambhala community through email, groups and friends.

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Easy way to send/receive messages to people I am working with on Shambhala projects. Easy way to exchange messages with my Shambhala friends. Set up a global group to exchange ideas about "broadening and deepening" the Shambhala foot print" in our local communities. I look forward to see what comes of that. Tanya Tussing, Austin

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Shambhala Times Feature Stories

  • Dragon Making and the “Weconomy” Dragon Making and the "Weconomy"Follow-up Activities from the Bright Now Festival, Amsterdam article by Meino Zeillemaker and Debbie Evers The Bright Now festival was so successful! Now that it is over, we want to share some news about the events and activities that have come out of the Festival. What did the festival bring? What connections did we make? […] ...
  • Wild Yearning Wild YearningFace to Face with a Moose Shambhala Times Updates from the Inside Out Editor’s Column by Sarah Lipton Shambhala Times Editor-in-Chief It’s the season for mask wearing and unveiling. Today is Halloween. The gates between the worlds are said to be thin at this time. Our truths are known to emerge: messy, visceral, real, gritty […] ...
  • Exploring Emperor YongLe Exploring Emperor YongLePilgrimage to Beijing, June 2014 article and photos by Duncan McNaught, Boulder, CO edited by Melanie Klein and Mariah Simonton I recently made a pilgrimage to sites connected with the ancestral sovereign, Emperor YongLe. It was a success. This was mainly because like the other ancestor sovereign pilgrimages I’ve attempted, I completed it. At times […] ...
  • Basic Goodness of Reality Basic Goodness of RealityA Rookie Teacher and Long-Time Practitioner Checks out What Shambhala Presents to People who Walk in the Door Today… by Elaine Logan, Longmont, Colorado Jim Fladmark, Boulder Shambhala Director of Practice and Education, wants older students to get more involved. Jim says, “Check out the new participants, the new curriculum. These questions [such as what […] ...