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The Shambhala Network is a new website that connects the Shambhala community through email, groups and friends.

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Easy way to send/receive messages to people I am working with on Shambhala projects. Easy way to exchange messages with my Shambhala friends. Set up a global group to exchange ideas about "broadening and deepening" the Shambhala foot print" in our local communities. I look forward to see what comes of that. Tanya Tussing, Austin

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Shambhala Times Feature Stories

  • Imagining and Manifesting Imagining and Manifestingreport on the Sakyong’s visit to New York City by Andria Cheng It was a message about basic goodness in each one of us, and about how we can conduct our lives with genuine confidence – that unconditional trust and feeling in one’s innate goodness that can be infectious and become building blocks for an […] ...
  • From Whining to Sanity From Whining to SanityCOLUMN: Youth and Family A Day of Success, Bafflement and the Stillness In-Between by Heather Grimes, Boulder, CO All of the sanity that I’ve gathered over the years from yoga and meditation and dharma books and friendships all goes out the window the moment my five-year-old daughter starts to whine. Whether or not I am […] ...
  • Bravery = Showing Up Bravery = Showing UpMonthly Dharma Teaching by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche These days I am struck by the speed of life. As we get speedier, we do things in half steps. Therefore, the practice of whole-hearted engagement is important. How can we be steady and complete, and what kind of wisdom does that bring? In Shambhala warriorship we practice […] ...
  • A Wave of Winter Babies A Wave of Winter BabiesThe Shambhala Times is delighted to announce two new Shambhala babies! Alix Baragiotta was born on Monday, November 24th at 4:49 pm, at a birthing center near Montreal, Quebec to happy parents Amélie Laberge and Davin Baragiotta. His birth went smoothly in a hot tub with the help of a midwife. Since his very first […] ...