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The Shambhala Network is a new website that connects the Shambhala community through email, groups and friends.

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Here is how I see this new network: we're developing something that will help those that are coming after us. I easily forget that our mandate is to create something much larger than ourselves. Let's raise lungta, and dive in. But it's going to take a lot of us to make this useful. I am in. Lisa Steckler, Vancouver, BC

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  • 40th Anniversary of Ashe 40th Anniversary of AsheOn the 40th anniversary of the arrival of the Ashe in the modern world, we offer our readers a short video by Kalapa Acharya Adam Lobel, to celebrate the significance of this event: . ...
  • The Heart Sutra The Heart SutraAn explication of The Sutra of the Heart of Transcendent Knowledge by Russell Rodgers The “Heart Sutra” is chanted by Mahayana practitioners all over the world. You could do it at home to start your meditation. Its full title is “The Sutra of the Heart of Transcendent Knowledge.” “Transcendent knowledge” is also known as “prajnaparamita.” […] ...
  • Supplication to the Takpo Kagyu Supplication to the Takpo KagyuWe continue exploring the Shambhala chants with a look at the Kagyu lineage supplication by Russell Rodgers The Kagyu lineage is one of the three main Tibetan lineages that form the basis of Shambhala Buddhism. Each of these lineages contributed a unique approach to enlightenment. The particular approach of the Kagyu lineage is marked by […] ...
  • Seven-Line Supplication to Padmakara Seven-Line Supplication to PadmakaraOur series on the Shambhala chants continues, with the traditional supplication to Padmasambhava by Russell Rodgers HUM In the northwest of the land of Uddiyana, On a blooming lotus flower, You have attained supreme, wondrous siddhi. You are renowned as Padmakara, Surrounded by your retinue of many dakinis. We practice following your example. Please approach […] ...