Perky does not mean that one is perked up by temporary situations, but it refers to unconditional cheerfulness, which comes from ongoing discipline
Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche


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Shambhala Times Feature Stories

  • Learning to Cook for the Guru, or, “Watch the Schmaltz” Learning to Cook for the Guru, or, "Watch the Schmaltz"COLUMN: Kitchen Wisdom by Judy Sachs Sullivan Serving in the household of the guru is both a precious opportunity to be in the center of the mandala, to spend time with the teacher (albeit in a formal setting with a prescribed position), and serve in a courtly environment. From 1981-1985, as personal chef for the […] ...
  • The Splendiferous House that Ryken Built The Splendiferous House that Ryken BuiltCOLUMN: Aging in Enlightened Society by Steven Wilke At halftime, he grabbed the belligerent man and slammed him against the Lamp Post’s bathroom wall, finally shutting him up. “Some people are trying to watch the football game in here,” Tom explained to the bewildered, pinned patron who had been accosting people in the next room […] ...
  • Spring of Well-Being Spring of Well-BeingDharma Teaching by Acharya Noel McLellan originally published on broken leaf “In Shambhala, the constant application of not giving up on ourselves is known as discipline. It is not that we have made a mistake and need discipline to correct it. Rather, it is that we have not made a mistake, and we need to […] ...
  • The Road Home: An Interview with Shastri Ethan Nichtern The Road Home: An Interview with Shastri Ethan NichternShastri Ethan Nichtern talks with Dan Glenn of the Shambhala Times about his third book, The Road Home (North Point Press), which comes out today. First thing’s first: this book is really good! I was really inspired, touched, and opened by your book in ways I didn’t expect to be. I wanted to write an overview book that’s very […] ...