Being mindful cuts speed. Being present cuts speed. Paying attention cuts speed
Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche


The Shambhala Network is a new website that connects the Shambhala community through email, groups and friends.

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3 Participate Update your profile, connect with friends, browse groups, maybe join a conversation.
The Shambhala Network has become essential for me to properly communicate with other members and groups, manage projects and prepare for meetings. I belong to 26 groups, and I honestly cannot imagine keeping up without the Network. I look forward to its continued evolution and improvement. Larry Barnett, Sonoma

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Shambhala Times Feature Stories

  • Anyone Can Be Our Teacher Anyone Can Be Our TeacherFinding joy and compassion for others in a time of personal suffering by Karen Lundy, with an Introduction by Shastri Christine Heming Introduction: In a recent article for the Times (Think About It; Beliefs Matter) I wrote about Rebecca Solnit’s book, A Paradise Built in Hell – a book about how ordinary people respond to disasters by […] ...
  • Giving the Ghost a Voice, Part III Giving the Ghost a Voice, Part IIIComing to terms with personal identity through the spiritual practice of Buddhism by Bryan Mendiola Though I was not fully aware of it at the time, it was all this hatred that led me to psychology as my profession and to Buddhism as my spiritual practice. In both, there was a discipline and a path […] ...
  • Giving the Ghost a Voice, Part II Giving the Ghost a Voice, Part IISharing a personal experience of racial identity as an Asian American Buddhist by Bryan Mendiola There is one important caveat: I don’t know how to talk about race. The term Asian American was never spoken in my home growing up, and this quietly implied that it should not be talked about, that this was not […] ...
  • Giving the Ghost a Voice, Part I Giving the Ghost a Voice, Part IContradictory feelings about race can be honored in Buddhism. by Bryan Mendiola I didn’t realize how much I had been skirting issues of race in my life until my Buddhist path, quite unexpectedly, led me right back to them. When I completed my graduate training as a psychologist about eight years ago, I was convinced that […] ...